HaPoP 2018

Fourth Symposium on the History and Philosophy of Programming

23 March 2018, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Colocated with BSHM Meeting on History of Computing, 22 March 2018


We are not organising an official conference hotel for the symposium, so you will need to find a suitable accommodation yourself. The symposium events are taking place in the central Oxford area, so if you book a room in any central hotel or in any of the colleges, everything should be within walking distance.

The symposium is taking place during the Easter break, so you will likely be able to find an accommodation at a college. To find that, we recommend using University Rooms.

Symposium venue

The symposium will be taking place in the L4 room of the Oxford Mathematical institute. For more information about the institute, how to get there and other information, please see the institute's about web page.

Dinner venue

The dinner will be taking place in the Fellows' Dining Room, Nuffield College. For more information, see the Nuffield College about page, which also has a link to a college map.

Post-symposium meeting venue

If you are interested in discussing ideas from the symposium in a more informal environment, please join us for a post-symposium meeting. This takes place in Turl Street Kitchen (we booked the "Library" room).